Italian gelato and ice cream made in Northamptonshire since 1967

Established since 1967

The story of Mario's Ice Cream

Photo of ice cream service vans in Northampton, 1960s.

Starting from one Ice Cream Van and a Homemade Ice Cream Kitchen, over Fifty Years Ago...

Set in Northamptonshire, we have been making high-quality Italian gelato and ice cream since 1967. Mario's Ice Cream has always been a family business – a rare thing today – with our strength in teamwork also adding to our individual talents.

A testament to this and the quality of our ice cream is that we are now into our third generation. Our longevity is due to the success of our original ice cream recipes and ice cream-making skills, the basis of which has not changed. We are still using traditional processes, but have added modern methods and technology, enabling us to experiment with new flavours and ideas.

We recently opened our new Ice Cream Factory, and with our experience and desire to create beautiful ice cream we will be making ice cream many years into the future.

We hope you taste our ice cream soon ;)