Ice cream service in Northampton, making high-quality, original Italian gelato and ice cream.

Established since 1967

How our ice cream mix and milk lollies are created

Illustration of Italian gelato being made in Northampton.
  1. Mix
  2. Spin
  3. Scoop
  4. Taste

The foundation for many of our products is our homemade cream mix recipe, which has not changed for 50 years. It is the basis for our gelato, ice cream tubs, ice cream mix and milk lollies – all of which are taken through different processes to their desired end result. For example, our gelato is made with our special mix in traditional batch freezers, creating a beautiful texture and creamy taste.

Photos of homemade ice and milk lollies being made in Northampton, UK.
  1. Juice
  2. Freeze
  3. Sticks
  4. Taste

Our ice and milk lollies are also made with our special juice recipes. Our lollies have been traditionally hand-made; we still use this process, but have also added new technology to help us experiment further with new flavours.